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What is International Express (Express) Transportation?

Terminologically, the concept of express includes a meaning that characterizes adjectives such as being at a speed beyond the standard, moving fast. Express transportation, on the other hand, stands out as a method that aims to deliver the cargo sent using unusual methods to the destination location earlier than planned.

International express transportation, on the other hand, is considered as a logistics approach that allows the fastest delivery of goods and products to be sent to different countries. International express transportation, which is a service provided by expert transport companies such as Leylek Express, is possible with the use of the most innovative tools and technologies in logistics processes. In addition, express transportation by minivan, which is a preferred approach for short distances, is also among the methods used to shorten the shipping time.

What are the Advantages of International Express Transport?

In the modern economy, speed and timing are considered the most important measures of efficiency. Therefore, completing a job that needs to be done or completed faster than it should be is an activity that creates serious value. This golden rule, which is also valid in international express transportation processes, is the key to this approach, which means delivering products and services to target locations as quickly as possible.

Within this information, one of the most important advantages of international express transportation is the implementation of standard procedures at jet speed during the shipping stages. Factors that slow down traditional international trade, especially customs clearance procedures, are accelerated by being supported by comprehensive customs consultancy practices. In addition, thanks to the methods developed and used specifically for the current scenario, logistics plans are also made without being stuck with the constraints of a single route. In this way, logistics calculations for the optimum route in order to make the shipment fast, reduce the delivery time to the minimum level by using more than one transportation model in an integrated way. This method, also called intermodal transportation, is based on the combination of models such as sea, air and road transportation.

To Which Countries Is Express Transportation Made From Turkey?

As we mentioned in our previous articles, Turkey is located at a central point where Europe, the Middle East and Asia intersect with its strategic location. In this context, it would not be wrong to say that Turkey's logistics potential is quite high. Apart from this, express transportation can be made to many countries from Turkey, which has an important potential within the scope of sea transportation besides land, since it is surrounded by sea on 3 sides.

Especially Germany, where Turkey's commercial relations are very strong, stands out as a location where shipping shipments are very intense. Apart from Germany, France also has a significant volume in Turkey's logistics traffic.

Which Loads Can Be Transported in International Express Transport?

Different types of cargoes can be mentioned within the scope of international express transportation. In this context, it may differ in the methods and vehicles to be used according to the load classification. For example, international minivan transportation is frequently considered as a preferred method for the shipment of low-tonnage cargoes. In addition to all these, intermodal transportation methods can be used by making the necessary logistics calculations to minimize the shipping time for the shipment of higher tonnage products. In international express transportation supported by intermodal method, many loads such as heavy loads, dangerous goods, medical and health products are transported.

Which Vehicles Are Used in International Express Transport?

In international express transportation, especially minivan vehicles are frequently used for short distance and low tonnage loads. Apart from this, air transport is preferred as an ideal method especially for long distance low tonnage shipments. In addition to all these, many different vehicles can be used in express transportation depending on the need and the nature of the cargo to be transported.

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