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Consulting Solutions in Logistics Service

With Privileged Service
  • Concept of logistics network, importance of express transportation, development of strategic transportation targets,

  • Cargo solutions of international companies, benefit analysis for companies, customer satisfaction and consultancy based on a single sector

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One Way
Our Service

Leylek express consultancy unites manufacturers and international logistics solutions by analyzing them. By providing coordinated movement harmony, it supports you with the convenience of product transportation with up-to-date solutions of the sector.


We handle your logistics processes and provide a tangible benefit to our customers. Production is as important as ensuring continuity, as well as healthy delivery of the final product to the market. We improve ourselves every day for you and work to offer the convenience of solutions.

We are striving to leave a better world to our future generations from the world we received. As it is known, in the global world, we are in a world where the living population increases, the demand for consumption supply increases, natural resources decrease, useful productions and energies emerge in a world where digital networks provide convenience. We are in the solutions of the world, which is built on a natural cycle, to transfer this cycle to our future generations.


This service, which we have created based on the world of storks who have known their migration routes for generations, we are creating our own R&D service in order to offer accurate, reliable, transferable transportation and satisfaction to our generations. We provide consultancy services in the Express logistics sector by showing faster development.

'' Benefit of your logistics solutions with Leylek express consultancy ''

Logistics Solutions & Private consultancy

As Leylek Express consultancy, we solve the logistics express problems we have developed for you and offer a safe private consultancy.


Depending on the customer, we offer reliable logistics solutions in a transparent manner with logistics service providers understanding international solutions to keep the stork network safe.

Process Sustainability & Continuity

We continuously ensure the convenience of your transportation solution, from the start to your delivery point, and maintain continuity.

Industry Expertise & Market Understanding

Stork Express Consulting, which provides convenience to the producers in the expertise of the express transportation sector, ensures the protection of their markets and increases their satisfaction, provides a single-focused service.


As Leylek Express Consulting, we help manufacturers to analyze and solve the problems they encounter in logistics organizations, and to deliver their post-production delivery problems reliably with express consultancy service. You can continue reading to learn more about the service we provide based on a single sector or contact us for a service solution.



Strategy and transportation solution + operational tracking + economic provider + fast express + timely loading + accuracy of paperwork + on the road for the desired time + instant cargo location information flow + secure delivery + service and customer satisfaction

Strategy and Transportation Solution

Market demands of existing products or services of international manufacturing companies, meeting customer needs in a timely manner, advancing company targets, maintaining ties and maintaining the strategy.


It is the service provided within the scope of consultancy to improve the logistics organizations of companies as a result of due diligence and current situation analysis with fast express transportation solutions prepared correctly.  

Operational Tracking

We benefit from our expert support experience, which we research with all the finesse of the solutions in the logistics operations of the companies participating in the Leylek express consultancy network, from production to loading and delivery.

Fast and Safe Express Consulting

We provide this logistics solution with the benefit provider specialized in the field of our consultancy, by foreseeing an easier transportation network and fast delivery to our customers.


In our consultancy service, we provide safe express consultancy to our customers who receive consultancy services by taking care of the safe vehicle supply issues of express delivery, saving the time blocked from partial transportation.

Timely Loading

With the loading solutions we determine simultaneously with the production actions of our customers, Leylek Express provides on-time loading stage service by foreseeing the benefit of consultancy transportation.

At Desired Time
On The Way To Order

In this service we offer as the stork network, we carefully follow the products of the industry's easy, reliable, logistics express providers and manufacturers' products to international markets, from the follow-up of the express to the delivery of the order, departing in the desired time frame.

Instant Cargo Location Information

Where is your stork? We provide you with up-to-date digital location systems that make it easier for our customers, to whom we provide express consultancy services, to track their shipments on the map and see their delivery times.

Safe Delivery

As Leylek Express Consulting, providing safe delivery by solving the logistics process is the most sensitive stage of our service privilege. As part of our consultancy for safe delivery, we improve the companies that receive service from us, increase the satisfaction of their customers and ensure continuity in their markets.  

Customer happiness

As Leylek Express Consulting, we provide our valuable customers with the convenience of international logistics solutions with the service we offer in one direction, and improve their satisfaction from their buyers and their customers in their markets.

Leylek Express Consulting manages and develops your problems with many easy express solutions in the logistics sector.


We Carry Your Logistics Organizations Forward

Brands and Institutions We Work With

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every step we take. From the point you choose to work with Leylek Express, you can put aside your worries about customer satisfaction. 

Express to Anywhere in the World

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We are proud to stand out with the extra features we provide as well as the quality of our service. When the professional resources of our company come together with our experienced team providing service, it creates a beneficial environment for our customers.

"During the time we worked with Leylek Express, they responded quickly to all our demands and requests. They helped with interest in everything from the receipt of our cargo to its delivery"

Metin Y.

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